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2021 Miracle Manifestation Collection > The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed
The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed
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This, Magnificent One, is the key to becoming an

Irresistible Magnet for Love, Money, and Miracles!

It's fun...it's quick...it's easy...and best of all IT WORKS! 

The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll benefit!


Note: This book is included in the

NEW 2016 Deluxe Miracle Starter Kit, however

it may also be purchased separately for $19.95.


The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed by Jacquelyn Aldana

is an amazingly easy-to-read book that empowers the reader

with a sense of wisdom that is simply profound and profoundly simple.

Once you begin to apply the simple 15-Minute Miracleä principles, you are

likely to feel a greater sense of well-being, self-confidence, and positive anticipation.

Don't be surprised if troubles vanish, obstacles fall away, dark becomes light, and rough

places become smooth. This book shows you how to see the harmony, unity, and beauty

in all things, which makes it possible for the sick to become well and the lost to become

found. Once you discover some of Life's best-kept secrets that are revealed in this book,

you are likely to wonder how you ever got along without this life-altering process.


In only15 minutes (that's less than 1% of your day)

YOU can actually become the Happiest Person You Know!