Miracles Really DO Happen!



And it's about time they happen to   YOU!  

Hi! My name is Jacquelyn Aldana. Today I think of myself as The Most Fortunate Person I Know but, believe me, it wasn't always this way. Twenty years ago...

  • My husband, Ron, was dying of Stage IV cancer. 
  • Our 20-year marriage was falling apart at the seams.        
  • We were terrified and teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

With tears of frustration streaming down my face, I cried right out to the heavens, "Either show me a way to experience more joy in my life or just come take me now!' What I really meant was,


 "Either SHOW me a way or HAUL me away!" 


In that moment, I felt inexplicably compelled to scribble something down on a piece of paper...and then it happened!

12 hours later, our "marriage-on-the-rocks" became a "marriage-made-in-heaven."

2 days later, we began to generate more revenue than we'd seen in 20 years!

90 days later, Ron's doctors couldn't find a trace of cancer anywhere in his body!

Interestingly, this all began happening right after I discovered what I now affectionately refer to as The 15-Minute Miracle.

As others experimented with it, they also experienced astounding results. I've seen it work wonders even when people with serious challenges had nothing more than a dim chance and a bright hope!

So if YOU could use a miracle or two in your life, it may be just what you've been looking for.

Eveything you need to master The 15-Minute Miracle manifestation process now available in the NEW 2014 Dynamically Enhanced Version of My Miracle Manifestation Manual.  

It's the next-best thing to attending one of our LIVE "Weekend of Miracles" Playshops. It has   enough fill-in-the-blanks journaling pages for 3 Months plus 999 proven-to-work examples you are welcome to copy word-for-word.   

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