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Ø  How Ron A. miraculously overcame stage IV cancer!

Ø  How Kat V. found her soul mate in less than 72 hours!

Ø  How the Esteps became multi-millionaires in just 48 hours!

Ø  How 92-year-old Victor A. regained his hearing in 90 minutes!

Ø  How Kathleen S. found a lucrative job she loves in just 24 hours!

Ø  How Stephanie C. overcame every symptom of MS in just 21 days!

Ø  How Cheri C.’s company skyrocketed to #1 out of 16,000 competitors!

Ø  How Brook P. escaped foreclosure and earned $256K in just 6 months!

Ø  What motivated Barbara G. to want to live instead of taking her own life!

Ø  How Marilyn M. went from #85 to #1 in real estate sales in just 6 months!

Ø  How Jeannette L. found a way to increase her income by $6,000 in 7 hours!


          With Just Minimal Effort, You Will Likely Walk Away With:

►The EXACT WORDS you must know to more frequently attract desirable outcomes!

The SIMPLE SECRETS that inspire God to make short work out of tall problems!

The WISDOM that empowers you to make wise decisions when it really counts!

The DIVINE INSIGHTS needed to transform breakdowns in breakthroughs!


If you’re like most Weekend of Miracles™ graduates, you’ll walk away with UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE that you, too, can attract wonderful people and manifest amazing opportunities into your life on a consistent basis!

Amazing Miracle Stories

The following testimonials are from grateful readers and Weekend of Miracles graduates who applied the simple principles of The 15-Minute Miracle. This is just a small sampling of stories to provide ideas of what YOU have to look forward to:

Health Miracles

Ron A (who was dying of stage IV cancer) completely regained his wellness and has been thriving and totally cancer-free for over 20 years!

Stephanie C. (who suffered from seizures, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms and the pain of multiple sclerosis for 18 months) overcame every symptom of MS in just 3 weeks! That was 18 years ago and she is still outrunning the Energizer Bunny!

Debba B. (who was clinically depressed and suicidal) is now successful, happy and grateful to be alive. She paid it forward by actively sharing The 15-Minute Miracle message with others who were actively seeking positive change.

Laney B. (who experienced an average of 28 migraine headaches a month for 32 years) says her migraine episodes are now practically non-existent.

Gemma B. (who suffered over 10 years with the excruciating pain of rheumatoid arthritis) reports that she is much happier and healthier than ever before. And once she no longer needed medication to manage her pain, she released nearly 100 pounds of excess weight.

Relationship Miracles

 Kat V. (who remained single for 50 years) was finally ready to attract her ideal mate. Within 72 hours of a private one-on-one coaching session, she met the man of her dreams and they were blissfully married within 6 months. And when they attended a Weekend of Miracles Playshop™ two years later, they were more in love than ever!

Lisa R. was at the end of her emotional rope trying to juggle her personal, professional PLUS her family life. Since attending a Weekend of Miracles Playshop™ with her husband, their marriage is the best it’s ever been. The kids are thriving and they found ways to create multiple streams of residual income that will likely provide financial freedom for the rest of their lives!

Cheri C. (who spent over $100K and 30 years trying to recapture the sparkle in her life) accomplished nearly every single thing she set out to do. She fell in love, married a wonderful man, purchased the home of her dreams and her business achieved the status of being the best-of-the-best in her industry for 7 years in a row. She is now living the live she loves and helping others to do the same.

Prosperity Miracles

Sheila and Arnold E. (who were struggling to make ends meet) asked to find miraculous ways to become abundantly prosperous. Two days later, the stock that Arnold’s boss had given him in lieu of a sizable salary became worth a fortune. They are now multi-millionaires!

Alice C. (who desperately needed $625) won $626 in the lottery less than 24 hours after she attended her first Weekend of Miracles Playshop™. (The extra dollar paid for her lottery ticket).

In spite of experiencing the biggest slump ever, Glenda D. was determined to set all-time sales records in her insurance business. Not only did sales far exceed her goals, but she also attracted over $17K in unexpected income!

Vocational Miracles

Just 40 minutes after doing her first 15-Minute Miracle, Debbie V. (who envisioned herself as a highly-sought-after professional singer) received a phone call from the famous author/publisher, Louise Hay, who hired her to sing at her Empowering Women Seminars all over the country!

Before doing The 15-Minute Miracle, Kathleen S. was in a loveless marriage, a job she hated and $14K in debt. Within 6 months, she was happily employed, totally debt free, gratefully single and free to pursue her heart’s desire!

Dr. Kim J. (who longed to open her own healing practice and to also buy a cute and cozy cottage in the country) miraculously manifested her two biggest dreams within a matter of months!


What Did All of These People Have In Common?

They all felt stressed out, overwhelmed and stuck before discovering The 15-Minute Miracle.

They all read The 15-Minute Miracleä books and/or attended a Weekend of Miracles Playshop.

They all experienced results that defied logical explanation beyond their wildest imaginings!

We look forward to hearing YOUR Miracle Stories!


Miracles Really DO Happen!

And it's about time they happen to YOU!


Hi! My name is Jacquelyn Aldana. Today I think of myself as The Most Fortunate Person I Know but, believe me, it wasn't always this way. Twenty years ago...

  • My husband, Ron, was dying of Stage IV cancer. 
  • Our 20-year marriage was falling apart at the seams.        
  • We were terrified and teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

With tears of frustration streaming down my face, I cried right out to the heavens, "Either show me a way to experience more joy in my life or just come take me now!' What I really meant was,


 "Either SHOW me a way or HAUL me away!" 


In that moment, I felt inexplicably compelled to scribble something down on a piece of paper...and then it happened!

12 hours later, our "marriage-on-the-rocks" became a "marriage-made-in-heaven."

2 days later, we began to generate more revenue than we'd seen in 20 years!

90 days later, Ron's doctors couldn't find a trace of cancer anywhere in his body!

Interestingly, this all began happening right after I discovered what I now affectionately refer to as The 15-Minute Miracle™.

As others experimented with it, they also experienced astounding results. I've seen it work wonders even when people with serious challenges had nothing more than a dim chance and a bright hope!

So if YOU could use a miracle or two in your life, it may be just what you've been looking for.

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